A wasted knight – part two – The Raevac draws near

A wasted knight – part two – The Raevac draws near

[please read my post called A wasted knight to get the full story]

The knight tumbled back down the stairs of the tower, back into the court yard of dead knights. As the knight looked around through his blurred vision, he noticed that the dead knights didn't seem so horrible this time. In fact the dead knights had a calming peace about them that the Knight wanted. How could the dead poses anything that a living knight could want? Yet they did, and what they possessed was peace. He could feel the peace that they had and he didn't. The pain in his chest burned where the arrow was stuck. He longed to be free of the pain this world brought. He yearned for the peace the dead knights had, and with this he lay down and let the dark night envelop him.

On the cliff high above the knight, a Raevac watched. The Raevac watched carefully and patiently for the perfect moment, the ideal time to sneak down the cliff. A Raevac is a very crafty and cleaver character, knowing much more about life than almost any other living thing. A this Raevac had been watching the knight for sometime; watching for longer than anyone actually realised, watching since well before the knight had started his journey.

When the knight had closed his eyes and breathed his last waking breath, the Raevac moved, and moved swiftly. Down the cliff and across the court yard of dead knights. The Raevac drew near to the knight and after a pause, tied the hands and feet of the knight together, and removed the knight's sword. Then in one final movement, the Raevac lifted the head of the knight, and knocked it firmly against the ground, sending the knight into la la land for quite some time. Please with the work, the Raevac moved back into the shadows.

Morning broke over the land, although in the deep valley you would never have known it. The knight stirred and growled as he felt the thump of his headache. Then rolling from side to side, he realised that he was immobilised which induced and even louder growel. The Raevac, who had been observing from a felled pillar, moved towards the knight, who until this point had thought he was alone. The knight felt a sudden fear of the Raevac and tried to crawl out of the way. The Raevac bent down and said in a firm yet hushed voice

"Be quiet"

The knight howled back "you vile serpent of the night…"

"Be quiet you fool, that princess will finish you if she knows you are still hear" the Raevac snapped.

"I care not what that lady will do to me, my life is pain and my only wish is to find the peace these other knights have found. Please send me there with them, or I shall have this princess send me there herself"

The Raevac looked hard at the young prince and then nodded

"you are a foolish one. You don't know what you are do you?"

The knight tried to think about this question, but between the thumping headache, the pain in his chest, and the very awkward situation he now lay in, he could not make sense and so simply lay still on the ground breathing deeply.

The Raevac moved back towards the fallen pillar and retook the position that had been used for observing the knight. For the mean time the Raevac would stay here until the knight thought about cooperating…

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