A wasted Knight - part nine - into the dark

A wasted Knight - part nine - into the dark

As the prince start to gain consciousness from his monetary dream, he awoke to the pain in his chest and to find the Arenac with her hands gripping the shoulders of his armored chest plate. The Knight yelled with pain as the arrow brushed against the inside of the amour and pushed against his wounded flesh. He grabbed hold of the Raevacs arms and began to pull them away from the armor in an effort to relive the pain.

"What are you doing?” cried the Knight

"Let go, let go, let go,” he yelled

Human can't help but react to paint - it's only natural to want to stop pain. Sometimes the pain we feel is more acute when we are actually being healed than the dull throb of an infection that grows slowly. A cancer, for example, may not feel painful at all but the surgery to remove it does and so patients are made unconscious while the healing takes place.

The knight’s reaction to the pain he felt overcame his mind and suppressed his ability to consider what the Arenac was doing. I can't say I blame the young knight - who wouldn't associate pain with someone who has their hands around the very spot that hurts so much. I can understand the knights desire to be freed from the Raevac. If only the knight knew the good that would come from letting someone else help... but he didn't and so the Raevac stopped.

In the dark edges of the forest a wild set of eyes flashed briefly. They didn't go unnoticed to the Raevac. Who knows who or what the eyes belonged too. Whatever they were, it made the Raevacs heart quicken - which is a rare occurrence. The eyes meant trouble that even a Raevac didn't want to deal with. Realizing the young prince was distressed and probably wouldn't sarcoma to reason, she lifted the princes head and smacked it short and sharply down on the ground beneath him. The knight passed out and stopped his noise.

Before removing the knight’s chest plate, the Raevac lit several other touches and placed them around the wounded prince to keep the eyes at bay - at least for a little while longer.

In the dark of the forest the Raevac worked fast and with excellence. She removed the knight’s chest plate and dealt with the wound to his heart. From experience, the Raevac knew the issues involved with the damage of this kind of wound. She pushed the arrow through the other side of the knight’s chest, which pulled a bandage into the wound. In time the foreign debris was removed and the wound was closed, not healed - but closed.

With her work complete for the moment, the Raevac sat back and waited for the knight to come too. She waited near by to assist if needed but she didn't expect to be thanked. She knew too well that the young prince would remember her as the one that was 'attacking' and then knocked him out. She waited to help but knew she would not be welcomed.

The Raevac sat back against a tree. Her eyes stung and she closed them for a short moment to give them a break. When she awoke the knight was gone, or very nearly gone. She could see a light moving off into the heart of the forest. She couldn't actually see the prince but judging by the slow moving light, and the missing light torch from the edge or her circle, she guessed it was he.

With no thanks, the knight had come-to and made his way off into the forest he didn't know.

'Humans' can be so unappreciative' thought the Raevac.

A the Raevac watch the light fade, she held on to the knowledge that she saved the princes life and one day he would appreciate it. She knew she had preformed a life saving task, and just in time it seemed. The wound would heal nicely and the knight couldn't have asked for better surgeon for a battle wound. But what does the world care about how well we do? What does it mean to the earth if we succeed or fall short? Does it ever stop the sun from rising and falling? Does the Moon call a halt to time when it sees a lone prince down?

With several thousand years of recorded history to stand on, I believe the answer is no. The breaking of a soul doesn’t factor in the daily considerations of the world at large. But it does to the creatures around it; and so too for the Raevac right where she was. The young prince moved off with the light. The same light the Raevac had lit to help save the knights life now becomes the same light that leaves the Raevac behind.

The eyes had left the Raevac behind; they too moved off behind the light...

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