A wasted Knight - part ten - wondering feet and minds

A wasted Knight - part ten - wondering feet and minds

As the young knight headed off into the forest, the dark closed in behind him. He was unaware of the eyes the followed in the distance.

The knight walked aimless and uncomfortable. Unsure of where he was going, and unsure of what to think. The path that both his mind and body took was perhaps not the best. But then what is the right path? Is there ever a right path, or is it about the decisions we make along that path that make it right? Robert Frost took the path less travelled and to him, that has made all the difference but I wonder if it wasn't really about the path, but the choice he made. Surely a path, in and of its self holds no morality but the intent with which it is engaged makes all the difference.

Unfortunately for the young wounded knight, the intention with which he now travelled this road was not one of redemption but more of escape. Actually it was more than that fore the Knight had already escaped the danger that initially wounded him. Now he was running future from the source in an effort to escape the pain. The young prince hadn’t realised yet that the pain was within him and emanating from the wound he refused to addressed and wouldn't allow others to help with. Pressing on into the heart of the forest, the knight hoped the pain would leave him - but it didn't.

The world sighed and wondered why humans did this to themselves. Why did they eternally try and run from themselves? For creatures that usually possessed the ability to logically consider and react, Humans also seemed to be the only creations that also tried to leave themselves behind. Other creations didn't exhibit the same tendency to run from themselves - sure they would run from danger or threat. They would leave an area if beaten in a fight but this was always because of an external factor. Humans were the only ones that found themselves to be a threat to their own existence and wanted to run from themselves. How odd these human beings are, the world thought. And the world was right.

As the knight moved through the forest, so too did his mind. It wondered through the past adventure from his training through to the recent ‘attack’ of the Raevac in the forest – or was it an attack he wondered… at any rate the young prince wasn’t going to stick around and find out.

The mind is a wondering creature, much like it’s human container in which it resides. A mind will wonder seemingly aimlessly unless it’s kept in check. Like a dog walking out the gate and down the road – a mind may not seem like it has a destination in mind but it knows that it’s on the move and heading in a consistent direction yet it knows not where it will stop.

So wondered the knights mind into a dark forest of it’s own. It wondered past fights and remember battles it had failed in and it wondered if the battle had been lost because of it. The mind meandered through the low-lands of rejection by the princess in the tower and it dwelt in the shade of the “what if” tree where it considered all the things it should have said that might just have made the princess see the knight differently. As the young knights mind strolled unchecked it took the young knight to a place where he felt very third rate, not just second rate but below that. Where others were first-rate and succeeded in life, second-rate knights won some and lost some but overall came out on top. But the Prince felt third-rate – That place where… well it’s a hard place to describe and the knight couldn’t put into words what that place felt like. It was similar to when you were at school and being picked for a game. Your friends would all line up and the two captains would take turns choosing the best players and slowly everyone would be picked before you. Usually you would finally be picked reluctantly and added to a team. But this time the prince felt like he hadn’t even been picked – one team had decided they would rather play with one less player than to have him on their team. The knight figured it was better to leave the game and stand on the sidelines, but as his mind wondered more be begun to think it would be better if he didn’t stay to watch the game because it hurt too much.

When there is such a burning desire to play the game and be good at it, but you simply aren’t that good – what do you do? You can practice and practice until you are good enough but while you practice, so are the others and you all increase in skill and find that you are still last to be picked or worse, not picked at all.

The young knights mind and feet continued to wonder unchecked while the knight focused on the pain in his chest. He didn’t know how long it would take for the wound to heal but he was determined to diminish the pain so he kept walking ignoring the growing pangs of hunger and the internal warning signs that danger was immanent.

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