Ahhh the joys of being a big guy on a plane

Ahhh the joys of being a big guy on a plane

I’m not that big I guess but then I’m larger than most. Unfortunately I was blessed with wide shoulders which is great for Rugby, not so great for air plane seats.

I’m sitting in the middle seat on the flight from Wellington to Sydney. I had forgotten just how small the space is here. They served us breakfast, which was not bad, and I couldn’t even get my food to my mouth hahaha. I can see the benefits of sitting by the window - with an extra two inches, of the aisle with a heap of space. I think next flight I will try not to sit in the middle. Hahaha don’t suppose there is actually much chance of that happening though.

I can bearly type as I sit here with my MacBook on the tray. I wonder what I would do if the person infront puts their seat back. I’ve been running those lines through my head

“Hey dude, there ain’t no room back here”

“Excus me, would you mind putting your seat up”

“Oi, I’m huge and there isn’t any extra space”

or maybe just screaming like my legs is broken and stuck hahaha I think that would be the most fun.

Oh my goodness – John, my friend who is sitting by the window just had to get up for the bathroom. I couldn’t move my legs in any direction to let him out. I know squeezing past people when in a row is hard but on a plane, on this plane it’s nearly impossible! He moved a little, then I moved a little, then he pushed past a bit and I moved over there and he was free. Well that is till he had to get past the next person.

I can’t wait for Premium Economy on our next flight.  I’m told we are flying on one of the new A380s. Bring on Sydney to Hong Kong.

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1. Kate wrote:
Baha haha, that blog comes with the funniest mental images ever!!! I hope neither of you had to pee on the ride to Hong Kong... :)

Much Love Xx

Sun, March 15, 2009 @ 10:26 PM

2. E wrote:
oh my flippin days. how proud i would have been if you had screamed as if your legs were broken! bet you didn't. it's like i keep saying...if you let me bump into more people,, i'd make more friends, and if you scream on a plane...they would probably try to throw you out the emergency exit. hmm. imagine the headlines...

Mon, March 16, 2009 @ 11:44 PM

3. Kelly Te Huna wrote:
All I can say is be happy you're not 6'5! I've not had a single 'comfortable' flight anywhere! LOL! Thankfully, I don't struggle to sleep in most vehicles. The last leg of our trip to Lexington, KY was in a plane where I the roof was about as high as my shoulders! LOL! Ah, fun times...

Sat, April 25, 2009 @ 3:33 AM

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