Condolences to my little friend

Condolences to my little friend

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Oh I’m so sorry to hear that. It must really hurt. I wish I didn’t know the pain and could only say “that must suck” but I do know that pain… I really do know…

I’m sorry. I saw you try so hard. I watched you bounce for joy when you caught a glimpse, when you sat in the Sun and dreamed. Hearing your dreams was so exciting for me. It actually made me believe that something great might happen for you. I could almost believe and live them out with you. The passion you had for those dreams made me want to dream along the same lines. Unfortunately for me, I’m not as good at dreaming or losing myself as you are.

There was something so unique about the passion and enthusiasm you have. It’s inspiring to me. It’s encouraging to know there is still the ability in the world to dream like that.

After you have offered me such hope, encouragement, and support now it’s time for me to offer you some support. I hear how broken you are about all this. I guess it’s not an option you ever really expected to happen. I heard you talk as if there was more than just a chance, like it was all going to come right in the end. And I believe it will all come right in the end, but not like you thought it would. I guess the world has change a bit for you today and it wont be the same for a long time. It seems like the light has faded and everyone has gone home. But I promise you that they are all still there, just a little quiet right now. The world is still full of colour but it is just a little dimmer right now and that’s ok. Just let the world be for the moment – quiet, still, and dim. It’s ok to be that way for a little while.

Yes the world isn’t a fun place anymore, well at the moment at least. I feel your pain and understand completely that you don’t want to do anything or ever try again. And you know that I understand, not just sympathise. So here is my advice – take the time you need to just let the twilight do its thing. Take some time and rest in the still and quiet. Go take a walk beside a still lake and lie down in the long grass. Take some time to let it all out and come to terms with what has happened. Then you MUST move on again. It’s ok to take some time and rest but you cannot build a house there. You MUST put a time limit on this season and move off to the next season in time. I’m not saying you have to rush through, just take your time and get it all out of your system. The twilight is a good thing but it doesn’t and shouldn’t last forever.

That’s about all I have to say.

Be good,

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1. E wrote:
This has to be my favorite blog post ever. It contains a lot of mercy and a lot of kindness, and it always blesses my heart. It's one that I can return to on a dark day for a bit of encouragement. Good job :)

Tue, February 17, 2009 @ 10:21 AM

2. sarah wrote:
Beautifully written my friend

Sat, March 14, 2009 @ 1:33 PM

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