iPod Nano - from the things that wont die file

iPod Nano - from the things that wont die file

Technology gets a bit of a hard time with me. I don't tend to look after technology with to much care. Not because I don't value it. I figure technology should be there to make life a little more fun, so that means I should be able to take it running, swimming, hunting, playing sort etc. Obviously it needs to fit the purpose.

My iPod goes everywhere with me. When I leave the house I do a mental check list and make sure I have four things: Keys, wallet, phone, iPod. I feel naked without any of those four things.

I lost my iPod recently and I was most distressed. I even cleaned my room to find it which is a major job if you've ever seen my room. I normally only clean my room when my family or a girl I like is coming over. It took a long time to find my iPod. I looked high and low then after about a week I was getting ready for rugby practice and found my iPod in shorts.

Finding my iPod in my shorts was a very exciting moment. I hugged and kissed it and told it I never want it to leave me again and that I was sorry for all the mean things I had said about it. I'm sure the iPod was happy to be back in my hands again.

It was then that I thought about where my rugby shorts had been. As I'm sure you can imagine, rugby gear gets a hard life. Rugby practice isn't a gentle activity. I soak all my rugby gear after practice and games. I make up a big rubbish bin full of soaker and hot water, then bury my gear for a few days. My iPod had been soaked for a day or two, then put in the wash (possibly twice if the gear was really muddy) then into the dryer.

That poor iPod has been through a lot with me. For all my best efforts, it just wont die. Apart from the regular rough treatment I give things, this iPod has been through the washing machine and dryer (On hot, not just warm), I've rolled over it with my desk chair, dropped it in the sink, dropped it in food, left it on top of the heater. I've sat on it, slept on it, stood on it.

The other thing that I to that iPod is plug in the Nike+ unit and throw it in my boot bag then run to rugby practice. My boot bag is a dusty, dirty place. My iPod ends up covered in dust, dirt, and grass twice a week and it still goes strong. I know it's not the best way to treat technology but I'm not overly protective or worried about it breaking.

When I plugged the iPod into my MacBook I thought about the product review I was likely to write about it.  Apple products are known for being expensive and I wonder if they are worth it. I guess this has proven the worth of iPods to me.

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