Kiss her, you may not get another chance

Kiss her, you may not get another chance

Kiss her! you may not get another chance

I'm all about seizing the moment. Capri diem and all that. Near where I live there is this message sprayed on a wall. I walk past it nearly every day. When it first arrived I had a good laugh to myself and thought "Yeah man, take your shot - go hard or go home". Recently I've been thinking more about this message and I'm no longer sure I think its a good message to tell people. I'm going to do my best to explain why but please remember that I do tend to seize the moment and don't often take the advice I'm about to spell out.

I think this message is rather selfish and superficial . It presumes that she might not like you enough to see you again so you should get all you can right now. It seems to put everything back on the guy and says to him "dude, this is your one and only chance, don't blow it cause you might never get another". When it comes to relationships, I think this is bad advice. Yes i know, I haven't always taken or believed this but I'm starting to the more I walk past this message on the wall.

The view this message paints of relationships isn't one of building trust and getting to know someone over time. It sends a message of 'get while the gettin's good'. How is that anyway to start a relationship? that's how people end up having a child with someone they don't even know or want to be attached to. Where is the respect and value shown to the other person, girl in this case?

If you were out with a girl and you didn't know if she liked you or if the night had gone well. I wouldn't advise anyone to just try kiss her anyway. You are likely to freak her out and then she really won't call you. Taking time to develop a relationship is never a bad idea. If she doesn't want to be with you, that's ok, maybe a little painful but in the end you don't want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with you either.

The flaw in this message is that it's all about the guy and the short term goal. It's not about building a long term trusting relationship which I dare say is what we do actually want.

Why do we think that we have to take hold of everything right now? why does that message resonate with us so much? I understand that it's part of the human condition to want everything now but why is that? I'm going to ask God about that when I get there.

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1. Pam wrote:
Good thinking, your mother would be proud of you!
However, could somebody who lost someone very precious and overlooked the moment written this a s a cathartic note to the world about the treasure he forgot to bless on a day that she never returned? It was my first thought (how gracious am I being to blokes) because I don't think a "take what you can" attitude would have been written so carefully and without profanity.
That's my thought from a dinosaurs heart. Mum

Sun, June 14, 2009 @ 8:39 AM

2. Hayden Sanders wrote:
That's a good point. I didn't really think about it that way. The placement of this sign is not the sort of place you would find that sort of positive message; however, your point is very valid. There is a time to grab every moment you have. Recently Kat and I were talking about her trip home from being in Wellington with me for the weekend. Kat was wondering if she should go see her Nana on the way home or to go in a few days time. We decided that you should never pass up a chance to see people you love so she went on her way home. The next day, or there abouts, Kats Nana passed away. If Kat has waited until the next weekend to see her Nana, she wouldn't have seen her before Nana passed away. I think both Kat and I were pleased Kat took the opportunity to see her Nana when she could.

Sun, June 14, 2009 @ 2:31 PM

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