MacBook, Coffee, Cell phone, Wireless mouse, and pen tablet - the tools of my trade

MacBook, Coffee, Cell phone, Wireless mouse, and pen tablet - the tools of my trade

I think it's funny the things that we consider essential to do our jobs. I got thinking about the things that I consider essential to do my job and it made me laugh a bit so I thought I'd share my work with you. You obviously don't have to read this or care and here it is all the same.


MacBook std 15"

I'm happy to admit that I'm a bit of a geek and enjoy playing around with computers and making them cooler, better, faster but my MacBook is such a joy and works so blinking well that I don't need to do anything to it.

It may seem obvious, but I'll say it anway - my MacBook is where my business really exists. All my work is on my laptop (and backed up a few places) and also in my head. I don't have an office, I have a MacBook. I work from where ever this little puppy is and I find it very hard to do much without it.

They say the difference between a PC user and a Mac user is that PC users just USE their computers, where as Mac users LOVE their computers. I'm sad/proud to say that I'm one of those. I love my MacBook. It's the best toy I have.


My favorite Coffee pot

A friend of mine was telling me about a situation he had at work a while back. His job is a Database Admin which means he looks after huge super computers and massive technical systems. When something goes wrong on one of his systems, tens or thousands of people can't do their jobs. He was telling me about a major problem that happened late at night and his boss called him in. By they time he got to the office just before midnight, his boss and a couple of others were there waiting and anxious. They couldn't fix the problem so they called my friend. When he got in they asked "Is there anything we can do for you to help you get this done?" my friend just said "Keep the coffee coming - strong and hot". I laughed hard when I heard that because it's exactly what I would have said. Ahhh coffee makes my world go round.

Coffee is the magical substance that doesn't really keep me up but makes me feel safe and happy all the same. I can drink it and then fall asleep straight away and I love drinking it anytime of the day or night. I can drink 9 cups and not get the shakes. I'm not totally sure what place coffee plays in my work but it's always good to have a hot cup and I'm sure it makes me more productive.

Cell phone
My phone is my best friend... nearly. Actually I hate the current model I have. But my phone has nearly all my life on it. All my contacts, appointments, and other important stuff that keeps my day to day life running live on my phone.

I sync my phone with my computer and Gmail a lot which keeps everything...well... synchronised (strange that). Recently I was changing a couple of configurations around and I accidentally deleted EVERYTHING off my phone - it was a bad day. Well it was bad till I got home and could sync everything back up again but none the less, it was a bad day because I had no idea who was calling or txting me. I couldn't call any clients because I didn't have their numbers, I missed meetings because my phone normally reminds me. It was a tough day I tell's ya'

My phone is my Personal Assistant, I like what my phone does for me even if I hate the current model I have.

Pen tablet

Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet

Ahhhh now this is my most favourite toy at the moment. I bought a Wacom Bamboo pen tablet. These suckers are like drawing pads for your computer. Plug it in and you can use the pen to control the mouse pointer. It gives you all the precise control of a pen and you can draw sooo much better with it. I love this gadget so much that it travels around with me more than my MacBook does. I take this to every computer I use because it's so cool.

I find my little pen tablet is much faster than a mouse and more acurate. I can work faster, smoother, and better with it. Well that's what I keep telling myselft anyway. I've never tried to prove this.

Wireless mouse

Apple Might Mouse

The old mouse is fast becoming something I never use but this specific model of mouse is awesome. First, it's wireless and the batteries last for about six months which is a long time by the way I use them. And second, the scroll ball is brilliant because it goes both left to right and up and down. I know there are other mice out there that do this but nothing is as smooth and easy to use as a wireless mighty house. Oh yay to you lovely mighty mouse.

Well there you have it, the tools of my trade. This is a bit of a strange post I know but I thought I would share it with you all the same.

What are the tools of your trade?

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