Public transport moments that take your breath away

Public transport moments that take your breath away

There are some moments in life that just take your breath away - today was one of those for Rich and I. So let me tell you the story about a ride on the public transport home on a cold wet Wellington day.

Rich and I had finished work for the day and while waiting for the bus, got talking about our weekend. Rich asked me if I went to the Street City Church on Sunday night and how I found it. We got on the bus and sat opposite each other on the bus as it was pretty full. We carried on talking over the isle about the respective sermons we had heard and the impact they had on on us. We carried on talking about church and God for most of the trip home.

When a lull in the conversation arrived, the girl sitting next to Rich asked what church we both went to. Rich replied with each of ours and immediately as Rich said his, a man sitting across from Rich erupted with disgust at the Church Rich attended.

The crazed man proceeded to yell at Rich and asking him questions with no space for the bemused Rich to answer. When the crazed man was finished he closed his eye, shock his head and said something to the effect of "I wasn't going to say anything and now I'm not going to talk about it". Rich started to offer replies to the questions that had been asked of him. The man just talked straight over the top of Rich saying "No, nope, I'm done talking about this" and then after a second he carried on asking questions and making statements that Rich wasn't allowed to answer!

To Rich's credit, he didn't get upset but just smiled to himself while trying to start a conversation he was clearly being denied of.
I snapped at this point and got my loud voice on saying "Oi, are you going to let him (Rich) talk?". The crazed man then addressed me with a range of questions that I ignored while I raised my voice and asked the man if he would talk with Rich again. The crazed man told me he would NOT have a conversation with Rich but wouldn't give a reason why.

The poor girl sitting next to Rich looked a little shocked and laughed a little as she watched what her question had led Rich into ensued. Conveniently all three of us, Rich, the girl, and I all got off at the same stop. We all laughed and had a quick chat about her being new in town and wanting to find a church. Without being interrupted, Rich and I told her about some of the churches we know. Hopefully she wasn't put off by the crazy man and maybe, just maybe we will see her sometime.

The thing that stuck out to Rich the most was his comment "...if he's (Rich) strong enough in himself he can take it..." Well yes Rich and I might well be strong enough in our views to handle it, but I don't think our other passengers on the bus are strong enough in their life views to not realise you're a bit of a nob.

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