Reflections on China - part 1 - things I'll miss

Reflections on China - part 1 - things I'll miss

Three weeks in China was about the right length of time I think. It's been long enough that I've seen a heap. It's also been long enough that I'm ready to come home and get back into it all. Generally I don't like long trips away and this is on the longer end of how long I like to be away. Anyway on with the things I'll miss.

Gracious drivers - The Chinese almost never get road rage. They are so calm on the roads which is crazy because they have some really shocking drivers. People will do U-Turns in the middle of motorways. They just slow down and stop a whole lane of people while they turn around hahaha. While a heap of people might beep their horns, they never yell or hit the steering wheel etc. They never complain about drivers or point out the crazy idiots. They just let people get on with their driving and are very accommodating and gracious. I guess you have to be.

The fabulous faces - Chinese faces are fantastic, especially the old weathered ones. They have such interesting beautiful faces. The young faces that spread light and hope around. They look at you like the world isn't the way it looks. They look at you like they see a different world, one that has hope and a future even if they aren't sure how to grab it yet. And the old faces that have seen life in all its colour. The ones that have known some serious hard times, and probably a few great times as well. These faces have grasped the idea that in the end it all goes back in the box and you should enjoy as much of it as possible. They are the ones carrying the children and visiting places they have been a thousand times just to show the younger ones and share their knowledge.

The food - as much as I miss my NZ style food, the Chinese cooking is very unique. They eat veggies all day round (you would be proud of them Penny SJ). I'm not sure I really buy into eating green beens for breakfast. The bakery food over here is the best though. They do make fantastic bread in China.

School kids looking and laughing at the white guys - while I'm sick of adults starring at me, little school kids are different - I don't know why. They are just so innocent and stare at me like I'm the strangest and coolest thing they've ever seen -  maybe I am! The giggle and follow along behind talking to themselves. It's cute and funny.

How cheap things can be - there are knock-offs of everything and that makes for some good cheap buying. I did love that. Who knows how long it will all last but it was great fun getting a deal all the same. Jeans for $20 NZD, work shirts for $7 NZD, dress pants for $17 NZD - can't complain at that huh?

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