Reflections on China - part 2 - things I wont miss

Reflections on China - part 2 - things I wont miss

Spitting - Ahhh yes that sound that both Chinese Men and Women make when they have something stuck in their throat, the hock it up with a roar, then spit it out anywhere they want - the street, the lino, a tissue, the air sick bag, or even their hand if they have to. The Chinese spit a lot - inside and out, in quiet places and loudly at 3am. It's flat out gross and makes we want to throw up every time.

Being stared at - This is possibly more a fatigue thing. For the first couple of weeks it was funny being starred at and followed around. When buying stuff people would crowd around to see what sort of thing the white man was buying. They would blatantly come and stand in the circle of us four to listen to us speak English. Now I'm just sick of standing out. I can't wait to melt back into the crowd where no one cares I'm there. Strange thing to say but you really have to go through it before you understand I think. I don't think I could ever be a celebrity. Being followed everyday would drive me up the wall.

Sea food as snacks on the plane - Yes on many Chinese flights they gave out dried seafood as in-flight snacks. The plane instantly smelt like a fish tank. Add that to a little turbulence and it's a bad combination I'm sure. Thank fully we didn't have this, well not turbulence like we get in NZ anyway.

Pushing - This is something that annoys me in NZ as well. I hate people that won't wait their turn. On the planes and any lines in China, people will blatantly push you out the way just to get one place closer. John tells me its the culture because if you are late in China, there are just so many people that there is nothing that can be done. So the Chinese are always wanting to make sure they are as close to the front as possible. Getting off planes seems to be the worst. When the plane 'comes to a complete stop' there are people that get up and RUN down the isle to get out first. They don't need to get out first, they just want to. They will actively push you shamelessly out of the way. I don't tend to let it happen.

Hawkers - tourists get this in every country I know, even in NZ. I will still be happy to get away from it. I'm sick of being asked if I want a watch or DVD. I'm tired of people looking at me and thinking they can pull a fast one and rip me off. and I'm sick of being ripped off.

The language barrier - This is my fault and I know it. I went to a country and couldn't speak the language. I knew it before I went so I'm not complaining in anyway. But I am looking forward to ordering a coffee with milk and actually getting that first time around. You may not realise just how much of an effort it is to order a white coffee when you can't speak the language. How the heck do you demonstrate what a coffee is? then how do you demonstrate what milk is, and that you want it in your coffee? The language barrier is great fun and makes for many adventures but is the most stressful and tiring thing about overseas travel. I'm looking forward to communicating with words once again.

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