The blind date and the girl I flew to another city for

The blind date and the girl I flew to another city for

This is a story about an opportunity that I took "once upon a time" in my life. I’m recording it for no other reason than that it’s a good story, a moment I will remember, and a story to share with others in years to come. This is my recollection of events, and I’m happy to be corrected if I remember wrong. That said, let the story begin…

I was talking to my sister on the phone one beautiful Tuesday evening, and as we chatted about what was going on this week she said, “I have two gorgeous new flat mates – you should marry one of them!” Laughing, I said “Sure, why not?” At the same time I heard a woman’s voice in the background say, “Kate, who are you talking to?” “My brother,” said Kate. Then the woman yelled out “Dibs!” Kate laughed and told me, “You’ve just been bagged. Here, talk to this girl!” So the phone was passed to the lady who ‘baggsed’ me and we chatted for a few minutes about what each other does etc. We had a good laugh, teased each other a little, and at the end of the phone call the woman said, “I feel like I know you well enough to add you on Facebook” - and so she did. When I got the chance to look through her photos, I quickly realized she was very cute – beautiful in fact.

The next day (Wednesday) I got a Facebook message from this woman that said: “Where are you taking me for dinner tomorrow night?". I laughed to myself and made a quick call to a friend in Nelson – where this woman was at the time – and found a highly recommended Indian restaurant. I suggested I take her there, which she thought that was a great idea...“I like it, pick me up at 7:30pm!” she wrote back.

I laughed; I’m sure she did as well. Ahhh the fun of flirting on Facebook - but nothing was ever to come of it. The next day (Thursday) I was having a coffee with my good friend, and I told him the story of the beautiful Christian girl who had asked me to take her out to dinner. My friend looked at me with an open mouth and said, “Dude, why are you not down there taking her our for dinner?!” “No way man! I only just got introduced to this girl. I can’t turn up and take her out. That would be creepy!” I said. "Dude, you’ve got a gorgeous Christian girl asking you to take her out for dinner – get on a plane today and call her bluff. If you can get cheap tickets, you should totally go. Just set a limit on how much you're willing to pay for plane tickets, and if you can get them for less than that amount, you have to go,” my friend argued.

So I set a ticket limit of $400. Now remember that I was trying to buy tickets on the day of the flight, to a small New Zealand town – these are NEVER cheap even when you book weeks beforehand, let alone on the day and less then 5 hours till the flight leaves. But I got on my phone and checked flights and prices – lo and behold, I could get tickets for less than my $400 budget. My friend just laughed and said, “Looks like you're going to Nelson tonight, mate!”

[To be continued...] 

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