The little things I forget

The little things I forget

Sometimes, or a lot of the time, I forget that the little things matter. Those little things that we all do for others that seem so small, or maybe I hoped they would be bigger but they only ended up small so I think they didn't have an impact - so often they do.

I've been reminded of this twice recently and I just got thinking about trying to make the effort to do those little things more. I'm sure it will last for a while and then I'll forget about them again.

About 18 months ago I was praying for a dude and felt God give me a picture for him. There were a few others there praying as well. At some point in the prayer time I told this guy the picture I had of a big barrel chested Russian-type granddad giving him a huge. It didn't mean much to me and seemed a little strange but I said it all the same - who am I to question what God wants to say to someone through me?

Nothing really happened when I told him and I didn't really expect it to. We finished praying and all went for lunch. Life went on as it does.

about a year later the guy I was praying for came over and told me about that day. He said that he remembered word-for-word what I had said and it had a huge impact. He told me the meaning of what God had said through me and what it meant to him. Evidentially it was a huge help and just the right timing.

To me it was so small and I didn't even remember it for a while when he was telling me. The little things made a huge difference to him and helped him along in life.

The other thing that reminded me about the little things was a conversation I had today. A mate of mine was in Auckland at a conference and felt really touched and had a God moment. I saw that he was touched and wanted to let him know I saw and cared. So after the service I wanted to say something to him but there was a heap of people coming back from the front and all I could do was put my hand on his shoulder. It wasn't as much as I was hoping to do and I was a little bummed out. I also didn't follow it up afterwards.

The dude came back to me today and told me it really counted for him that I noticed and put my hand on his shoulder. He felt like I was there for him and wanted let him know that (which is exactly what I was trying to communicate). I guess that the little things matter more than I thought.

Often I don't remember just how valuable a hand on a shoulder, or saying the smallest thing can be. I know that from being on the receiving end of the small things that they make a huge difference.

The challenge here is guess is to not ignore the small things. Get active and make those small things happen. Walking across the room and putting a hand on a shoulder. What would that cost you? - nothing but the impact to someone else could just be the thing they need.

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