The six weeks of travel begin

The six weeks of travel begin

It all starts now. Well actually I guess it all started about 5 days ago when I washed every piece of clothing I had in preparation to pack my bags for the busiest six weeks of my life.

I washed my clothes with the best intentions of packing my bag on the Monday before I left for China on the Saturday. I got as far as doing the washing but nothing made it into my bag until last night, Thursday, at 12pm. I did manage to pack in 20mins though.

I’ve just taken off from Wellington – I’m not sure I’m allowed my MacBook on just yet but meh, it’s on now. I have a slight headache from not enough sleep; I’m not complaining, just pointing it out. The last week has been fantastic but a little over the top. There have been many nights working till midnight and then up again working by 5am. Mostly because I get up to a heap of other stuff during the week like Rugby training and Church activities. My poor Girlfriend, Katherine, hasn’t seen or heard much of me this week and when I have talked to her I’ve been totally distracted. I think she has managed well given that we are doing distance anyway and that makes it harder.

Today is Friday and I’m heading to Auckland to hang out with the Equippers Church crew. They are running an event that I would like to run in Wellington so I’m going to see how it’s run. Everyone tells me it’s great fun. The only bummer is that I have to be back in Wellington tonight, which means I have to leave half way through the event this evening. I should have enough time to see how it’s run and get an idea of what they do.

I have to be back in Wellington tonight because I fly to China at 6am on Saturday. The thing that worries me is if I don’t make my flight from Auckland to Wellington, I’ll miss my flight to China. I’m on the last flight out of Auckland so there are no other options for getting home. I suppose I should have given myself a bit of breathing room but…well…meh who needs breathing room. Breathing room just takes all the fun and adventure out of life, or at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself today. My back-up plan if my flight is canceled will be to run to the motorway and try catch a ride all the way down to Welly. That would be an adventure.

In a nutshell this is how my next six weeks look

  • Friday, 13 March – travel to Auckland and back
  • Saturday, 14 March – travel to China
  • Travel to 14 cities over about three weeks
  • Monday, 6 April – arrive back in NZ
  • Monday, 6 April - Travel to Taupo for Equippers Leaders conference
  • Thursday, 9 April – Hitch to Auckland for Shout Conference
  • Sunday, 12 April – travel from Auckland to Wellington
  • Work for a week
  • Friday, 17 – fly to Auckland, hire a car, drive to Hamilton
  • Saturday, 18 April – Attend Sarah and Jason’s wedding
  • Saturday/Sunday – Travel to Wellington
  • Monday, 20 April – take a break and sleep

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1. Kat wrote:
Yep your poor girlfriend!!! I think I totally have dibs on some of your time (in person I might add) when you get back!!! :P

Fri, March 13, 2009 @ 10:44 PM

2. E wrote:
You run a pretty tight time management schedule...nice that you're keeping us updated. You're going to have the BEST TIME EVER! :)
I've been thinking a lot about defenses and people, and what causes some people to be completely open to some people and yet live with all defenses up with other people. Think I'll add a little to that email I'm still writing...
new blog/new layout btw :)

Fri, March 13, 2009 @ 11:11 PM

3. Hayden Sanders wrote:
Yes Kat you can have as much time as you want. I owe you a lot.

Sometimes people try and tell me I'm disorganised and that makes me laugh cause I wonder how most people would handle the number of things that happen on any given day in my life. Not that I'm saying I'm all that organised but can you imagine a not organised person doing this?

Sat, March 14, 2009 @ 12:16 AM

4. Sam wrote:
Hi Hayds, just a thought, some people look organised but they are not, these people run around like headless chooks non stop all day everyday, giving the impression that they are achieving heaps but whats really happening is that they are achieving very little. (not meaning you). Just a word of advice bro, be careful of burnout !!! you won't see it, it will just happen, look after youself, or I'll beat you up. Hahaha. Have a great trip and see you when you get back!

Sat, March 14, 2009 @ 10:01 AM

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