Why Jesus took His time on the cross

Why Jesus took His time on the cross

A Father land his adult son were sitting talking one Easter. The two of them were talking about how when someone died on the cross, it was often from drowning in their own fluid filled lungs. It was really drowning on the cross. The Father was explaining that when Jesus was on the cross, He would push himself up on his legs until His head was above His arms and He could get a breath, then He would sink back down; this went on for sometime.

At one point the Father asked the son if he could remember how the son used to get home from school when he was young. The son closed his eyes and even though it was some 30 years since, he could still remember walking out the back gate of school, heading left to the lights, right over the main road, up to the round-a-bout, through the back of the park and on...

"yeah sure, I remember exactly how I got home" reflected the son.

"interesting that even after years, we can still remember funny things like that. Strange that we remember exactly how we got to somewhere huh?" said the Father.

The Father lend over and said "Son, I have no proof of this but I think the reason Jesus took His time dying on the cross was that He was looking into the face of everyone person he was dying for as he remember how He got to where he was and why He was there. As He hung there on the cross, the face of every person who ever lived and ever will live passed through Jesus' mind. It wasn't until Jesus had looked into the face of every person that he finally said 'It is finished'. I think Jesus took his time to consider each and every sin and sinner as he took their punishment"

The choices we make never affect just one person. Even if we think the smallest white lie or taking an extra muffin that wasn't yours wont hurt anyone, Jesus still took that punishment. My 'small' choices are the very things that kept my Dad on the cross for that extra period of time while he looked into my face and considered me and everything I've done. Then He pushed himself up for another breathe so He could consider you. He didn't stop until everyone was accounted for and forgiven. No one was left behind or glossed over. Jesus died for everyone regardless of whether you wanted Him to, or even care. He did it because he loves you still and wanted you to know if from way back then.

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